HEC Hydroxyethylcellulose

HEC (Hydroxyethylcellulose) is a water soluble highly effective thickener and adhesive agent.
Small additions create a clear transparent and stable solution.

Application range:

  • Building material
  • Cleaning agents
  • Paint
  • Drilling Fluids for oil and gas, mining and cementing
  • and many more (...please check with Phrikolat)

Our standard type is PHRIKOLAT HEC 100

At neutral pH and ambient temperatures PHRIKOLAT HEC 100 disperses without lump formation and provides easy dissolution. These solutions are unaffected by concentrations of soluble salts. Viscosity is little affected by mild acids and alkalies. Due to its nonionic character Phrikolat HEC 100 has wide compatibility with other materials. 


Moisture Content   max. 5 %
Hydration Time   5 - 15 min.
Viscosity 1 % Solution   4.500 - 6.500 mPas
pH Value 1% Solution   6.0 - 7.07Off
Appearance   white powder
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