Viscosifier - Filtrate Control Additive

PAC-R is a modified natural polyanionic cellulosic polymer (PAC). It is exhibits high viscosity and is readily dispersible and water soluble. PAC-R provides filtration control in bentonite-based drilling fluids and increases water absorption capacity. Optimal results will be obtained by using PAC-R as an additive to the Phrikolat sodium Bentonite Type W.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water Well Drilling, Vertical & Oil Field Drilling, Pipe Jacking


  • Improves filter cake properties of bentonite muds
  • Provides filtration control in fresh or salt water muds
  • Increases water absorption capacity
  • Improves flow properties of most drilling fluids
  • Minimizes torque and circulating pressure
  • Acts as protective colloid for bentonite
  • Reduces swelling and dispersion of drilled clay/cuttings
  • Promotes bore hole stability in water sensitive formations
  • Effective in small quantities
  • No biocides or preservatives required

PAC-R is compatible with all Phrikolat bentonites & additives and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Recommended Concentrations:
Added to bentonite muds: 0,5-1 kg/m³
To stabilize Water sensitive formations: 2-4 kg/m³

Using a high shear jet-type mixer (venturi) is highly recommended. PAC-R should always be added to the system after bentonite. Adding should be done slowly and uniformly to the entire circulating system. Salt water may require twice as much PAC-R as fresh water.

25 kg multiple paper-bags on pallet, shrink wrapped, 1000 kgper pallet
Big Bags à 1000 kg (on request)


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