Universal HDD Polymer Additive

Rheopur is a multifunctional, free-flowing, powdered, easily dispersed and high viscous polymer additive mixture. It is developed particularly for Horizontal Directional Drilling requirements and bentonites. Rheopur enhances the rheological properties of fresh water bentonite muds by combining properties of the single polymer ingredients. Optimum results will be obtained when Rheopur is added to Phrikolat Bentonite Type W.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water Well Drilling, Vertical Drilling


  • Excellent shear thinning properties for optimal flow characteristics
  • Mixes easily into pre-hydrated bentonite muds
  • Synergistic effects of various polymers
  • Optimal cutting suspension and high initial gel strength
  • Improves the rheological properties of bentonite systems
  • Provides filtration control
  • Enhances carrying capability and cutting transport at LSRV
  • Increases water absorption capacity
  • Acts as protective colloid for bentonite
  • Only small amounts required

Rheopur is compatible with all Phrikolat-Polymers and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Recommended Concentrations as additive to bentonite muds:
Sand, normal drilling 0,5 - 0,75 kg/m³
Gravel, poor consolidated formations: 1 – 2 kg/m³

Using a high shear jet-type mixer (venturi) is highly recommended. Rheopur should always be added to the system after bentonite. Adding should be done slowly and uniformly to the entire circulating system.

10 kg or 25 kg multiple paper-bags with red sticker on pallet, shrink wrapped,
1000 kg per pallet


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