Bentonite Type W

Premium Grade Sodium-Bentonite

Phrikolat Bentonite Type W is a high yield Wyoming-type sodium bentonite. It is especially fine-grained and hydrates more than other types of clays. Due to its high montmorillonite content Bentonite Type W is highly productive and requires only very short time to yield.

Water based drilling fluids in the fields of: Horizontal-Directional-Drilling (HDD); Vertical Drilling; Pipe Jacking; Microtunnelling; Water Well Drilling; Civil Engineering

Bentonite Type W is easily to mix with water and provides in small concentrations stable suspensions with optimum gel strength and cuttings suspension while minimum resistance to flow/to pump. It reduces filtration by forming a thin filter cake with low permeability and improves borehole stability in poorly consolidated sand and gravel formations. Bentonite Type W can be used as a single product in standard grounds or as a basis for drilling fluids systems to be enhanced by polymer addition in difficult grounds. Polymers should always be added after mixing the bentonite with water.

Bentonite Type W is compatible with all Phrikolat polymers and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Typical Concentrations:
Clay + Clay/Sand: 20-25 kg/m³
Sand + Gravel: 25-35 kg/m³
Gravel: 35-50 kg/m³

Mixing slowly and uniformly through a high-shear, jet-type mixer over one or more cycles of the volume of slurry will increase the performance of the product. The make-up water should be checked for pH-value and water hardness, where appropriate a conditioning with soda ash is required (a maximum of 0.5 kg/m³). Performance reduced in salty water due to decreased hydration.

Phrikolat Bentonite Type WPackaging:
25 kg multiple paper-bags with red band on pallet, shrink wrapped, 1000 kg per pallet
Big Bags à 1000 kg
Big Bags à 650 kg or 500 kg (on request)


Rohrvortrieb - Microtunnelling

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