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Phrikolat Drilling Specialties GmbH Germany drilling fluids and mud service, not only for Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Phrikolat group of companies:
Phrikolat Drilling Specialties GmbH, D - Hennef
Phrikolat Drilling Services GmbH, D - Spremberg

Roots of the company are dating back to the 1950ies. CMC (Carboxymethylcellulose) was produced in Siegburg by Phrikolat Chemische Erzeugnisse GmbH since 1956. CMC is used within others as mud additive with considerable quantities in oil, gas and water exploration and production.

drilling mud bentoniteWith the background of this long experience Phrikolat developed their own mud systems and mud additives, within those an exceptionally successful program for horizontal drilling

Phrikolat HQ Hennef GermanySpecialisation of mud systems and services resulted in two spin-offs:
1997 the Phrikolat Drilling Services GmbH was founded in Spremberg near Berlin to be followed 2000 by Phrikolat Drilling Specialties GmbH in Siegburg.

In 2008 the company HQ left Siegburg and moved to Hennef into a modern office and bigger warehouse.

Two major warehouses in Hennef and Spremberg and a stock in the North of Germany guarantee not only swift deliveries but short term pick-up for customers.

Phrikolat mud laboratory Hennef

In our head office laboratories in Hennef modern and reliable mud systems are developed and constantly improved.

Phrikolat fluid experts are present at the drilling job site. Just the experience on the spot results in the development and improvement of our products. Due to a continuous exchange of experience with our customers we are able to offer tailor-made products and problem solving concepts.

Phrikolat drilling fluid production

We offer customer training/seminars on the spot or in our training rooms and laboratories in Hennef. Furthermore our program is completed with drilling hardware and drilling mud testing equipment.

Phrikolat is member of the Drilling Contractors Association (DCA-Europe).

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Member DCA Drilling Contractors Association Europe